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Help save the planet by reducing your ecological footprint

Help save the planet by reducing your ecological footprint

Cake With Candles Print E-mail

A large cake with as many different colored candles on it as there are guests, is passed around, and each one takes a piece of it, with the candle too, choosing whatever color they wish.

As the cake passes from one to the other, the hostess reads the following prophecies, having prepared them beforehand to suit the company:

"Bright and cheery, candle red,
The year is here in which you wed."

"If your candle green should be,
You will find your love at sea."

"Lonely, hopeless, spinster she,
If white candle hers should be."

"Happy he with candle blue,
Thy sweetheart is ever true."

"She who holds a candle yellow,
Marries now a jealous fellow."

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