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1. Bunny's Egg
(Easter & Egg Games/Easter & Egg Games)

On a sheet draw a rough-sketch of a good-sized rabbit, the regular Easter bunny, standing on its hind legs, and holding its paws as if it were carrying an egg. Stretch the sheet on the wall and tack it firmly in place. Cut eggs out of different color...

2. Rolling Eggs
(Easter & Egg Games/Easter & Egg Games)

Mark on the table, or on the floor, if preferred, with chalk, four parallel lines, eight or ten feet long, and four or five inches apart. Thus there are three narrow spaces. At the end of each space make a circle, numbering the middle one 10, and the...

3. Egg Race
(Easter & Egg Games/Easter & Egg Games)

Give each child a tablespoon and a hard-boiled egg. The children form in line and one is the leader. Each one holds the spoon with the egg in its bowl at arm's length and hops on one foot, following wherever the leader leads them. The leader may ...

4. Suspended Eggs
(Easter & Egg Games/Easter & Egg Games)

After an egg hunt, several eggs may be gathered together and a string or ribbon run through each and hung in different lengths from a chandelier. Candy eggs and little baskets of eggs may be suspended, too. Place a tablecloth or sheet underneath to p...

5. Easter Egg Race
(Easter & Egg Games/Easter & Egg Games)

Color an even number of eggs, half the number one color, the other half, another. Place all the eggs of one color on the floor in a line at intervals of one foot. At the end of the line put a basket. Form a similar line, a little distance from the ot...


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