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1. Toss The Goodies
(Special Occasion Games/Special Occasion Games)

The children form a square, each one holding the sides of an old tablecloth or piece of sheeting. In the center of this is placed a pile of nuts, candies, raisins, fruits, and all sorts of goodies. When a signal is given, the children all together to...

2. A Game Within A Game
(Special Occasion Games/Special Occasion Games)

While the children are waiting on Christmas for their presents, or dinner, or whenever the time seems to drag, suggest that each one think up the best game he knows. Give each child a pencil and a card on which the game and the name of the child who ...

3. Hunt The Squirrel
(Special Occasion Games/Special Occasion Games)

To amuse the children after the Thanksgiving dinner, ask them all to join hands and form a ring. One is chosen out and is given a nut which he is to drop behind some child. As he walks around the outside of the ring he says: "Hunt the squirrel i...

4. Cake With Candles
(Special Occasion Games/Special Occasion Games)

A large cake with as many different colored candles on it as there are guests, is passed around, and each one takes a piece of it, with the candle too, choosing whatever color they wish. As the cake passes from one to the other, the hostess reads the...

5. Ships Of Fate
(Special Occasion Games/Special Occasion Games)

Prepare as many half shells of walnuts as there are guests. In each fasten a small candle with a drop of the wax. Fill a tub with water, and before sailing the boats, the water should be agitated so as to have it wavy. Two at a time may sail their bo...

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