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1. Hunting The Whistle
(Teenager / Adult Games/Teenager / Adult Games)

The players who know how to play this game stay in one room, while the others go into the hall, or another room. Those knowing the trick sit down in chairs which have been arranged in two rows, with an aisle between. The leader calls one in from the ...

2. Personal Conundrums
(Teenager / Adult Games/Teenager / Adult Games)

The guests are requested to think up some conundrums about some person in the present company. Each one in turn gives his conundrum and the player to his left must answer it if he can; if he fails, any one present may help him out. The conundrums may...

3. Consequences
(Teenager / Adult Games/Teenager / Adult Games)

Provide each player with pencil and paper. The first thing to write on the paper is an adjective which applies to a man. The paper is then folded over and passed to the right. This time each one writes the name of a man (either present or absent), fo...

4. Going A-fishing
(Teenager / Adult Games/Teenager / Adult Games)

Cut a number of small fishes about two inches long out of cardboard. Each fish counts five, but two, which may be a little larger, are numbered ten. A loop is made with thread on the back of each fish. Rods (sticks about a foot long with string, at t...

5. Jack's Alive
(Teenager / Adult Games/Teenager / Adult Games)

A piece of kindling wood is held in the fire until it is well lighted. It is then passed from one player to the other, each one saying in turn, "Jack's alive." The instant the stick ceases to burn "Jack" is "dead" an...

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