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11. Musical Medley
(Teenager / Adult Games/Teenager / Adult Games)

Number eight slips of paper with the same number. On each slip write a part, or a line from a verse of a familiar song. Suppose set No. 1 was a verse of "America," this is the way it would be written. 1. My country, 1. 'Tis of thee, 1. ...

12. Table Football
(Teenager / Adult Games/Teenager / Adult Games)

The "football" for this game is an eggshell which has had the egg blown out of it. The players sit around the table with their captains, who have been previously chosen at each end. There need not be just eleven on each side as in a regular...

13. Household Gossip
(Teenager / Adult Games/Teenager / Adult Games)

One of the guests is sent out of the room. The hostess asks the remaining players to say something about him. As each one in turn gives his statement, she writes it down with the person's name on a piece of paper which she keeps. The player is th...

14. Pictures
(Teenager / Adult Games/Teenager / Adult Games)

Provide the players with pencil and paper. All sit in a circle. The leader announces that pictures are to be drawn in this manner. First, draw a head (either animal or human), fold the paper, pass it to the right. Second--Draw a neck, shoulders, and ...

15. Bits Of Advice
(Teenager / Adult Games/Teenager / Adult Games)

Each person is given a slip of paper and pencil. The leader then tells the players to write a bit of advice, original if possible, on the paper, fold it, and drop it into a basket as it passes by. The papers are all mixed up and the basket is passed ...


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