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36. Simple Simons Silly Smile
(Kids Games/Kids Games)

All the players sit in a circle and one who is bright and witty is chosen as leader. He stands in the center of the circle and asks the most ridiculous questions he can think of. The players when asked any question, must always answer "Simple Si...

37. Making Squares
(Kids Games/Kids Games)

Make a square or rectangle of dots, as shown on page 26. Provide the children with pencils. Each one makes a line joining two dots but tries to prevent the others from making a square. For a while it is easy, but soon the number of dots is scarce, a...

38. Bouquet
(Kids Games/Kids Games)

This is played similarly to "Stage-coach." Any number of children can play it. One is chosen out and is called the "gardener." All the children sit in a circle and the "gardener" gives each one in turn the name of some f...

39. Hop-over
(Kids Games/Kids Games)

Fun for the children is in store when they play this game. All stand in a circle, not too near each other. One player stands in the center, holding a rope, or stout cord, at the end of which is attached a weight of some kind. At the word "ready&...

40. Shoe Hunt
(Kids Games/Kids Games)

Shoes, four inches long, are cut out of cardboard, from patterns found in catalogues. The pairs are mixed and hidden all over the room, high and low, behind pictures, under mats, etc. The girl or boy finding the greatest number of shoes that prove to...


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