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36. Famous Numbers
(Teenager / Adult Games/Teenager / Adult Games)

Provide the players with pencil and paper. Each one writes a number on his slip. The papers are collected, mixed up, and each player draws one. Each in turn must name something or someone suggested by that number. The one who is unable to name anythi...

37. Magic Writing
(Teenager / Adult Games/Teenager / Adult Games)

An assistant is necessary for this game. One gives a little talk about sign-language and says that he can read any sign made with a stick on the floor, and will leave the room while the others decide upon some word for him to guess. Beforehand, it ha...

38. Cross Questions And Crooked Answers
(Teenager / Adult Games/Teenager / Adult Games)

All sit in a circle for this game. The first one begins by whispering some question to his left hand neighbor, such as "Do you like apples?" The second player must remember the question asked him, and he answers No. 1 by saying, "Yes, ...

39. My Father Had A Rooster
(Teenager / Adult Games/Teenager / Adult Games)

All the players sit in a circle, the leader begins by saying, "My father had a rooster!" The player to his left says: "A what?" The leader answers: "A rooster!" Each player repeats this in turn to his left-hand neighbor ...

40. Prefixes
(Teenager / Adult Games/Teenager / Adult Games)

One of the players is sent out of the room. The others then decide upon some word which he is to guess when he returns. He is told what the prefix of the word is, and must guess, by asking questions, what the rest of the word is. The players answer h...


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