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Teenager / Adult Games

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41. State Outlines
(Teenager / Adult Games/Teenager / Adult Games)

This is a splendid game for the beginning of an evening as the guests mingle together and become acquainted while hunting for their partners. The hostess prepares pieces of cardboard on which she has drawn the outline of a state without the name. The...

42. Jenkins Up
(Teenager / Adult Games/Teenager / Adult Games)

Divide the company into two sides. One division sits around the table on one side, the other on the opposite side. The members of division "A" put their hands under the table and a small coin, dime or quarter, is passed from one to the othe...

43. Buz
(Teenager / Adult Games/Teenager / Adult Games)

All the players sit in a circle and begin to count in turn, but whenever seven, or any multiple of seven comes, "Buz" is said in its place. If anyone forgets he may be put out and the game commenced over again, but it is more fun if the pla...

44. How, When, Where
(Teenager / Adult Games/Teenager / Adult Games)

One of the players leaves the room while the others select some word with two or three meanings, which is to be guessed. Suppose the word "trunk" is thought of. When the player is summoned in he asks each one in turn "How do you like i...

45. It
(Teenager / Adult Games/Teenager / Adult Games)

One of the players who does not know the game is sent out of the room. While he is gone, the others are supposed to be thinking of some person whom he is to guess when he comes in, but it is arranged that each one describes his right hand neighbor wh...


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