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46. What Time Is It
(Teenager / Adult Games/Teenager / Adult Games)

It requires two players who understand this game, a leader and his accomplice. The accomplice leaves the room, while the leader and the rest remain inside. The leader asks the players what hour they will choose for the accomplice to guess. One will s...

47. Animal, Vegetable, Or Mineral
(Teenager / Adult Games/Teenager / Adult Games)

When the party is large, this game affords much amusement. One player is sent out of the room. While he is gone the players decide upon some object which he is to guess. He is then called in, and asks each one a question. The answers to the questions...

48. Proverbs
(Teenager / Adult Games/Teenager / Adult Games)

Any number of persons may play this game. One is sent out of the room while the rest choose some proverb. Then he is called in and asks each player in turn a question. In the answer, no matter what the question is, one word of the proverb must be giv...

49. Boots, Without Shoes
(Teenager / Adult Games/Teenager / Adult Games)

All the players are sent out of the room. The leader remains inside and calls one player in. They both sit down together and the leader says: "Say just what I say. Say boots, without shoes." (With a short pause after boots.) The victim may ...

50. Spoon Pictures
(Teenager / Adult Games/Teenager / Adult Games)

It will be necessary for two of the players to know how to play the game. One is sent out of the room, and the other remains inside to take a picture of one of the guests. This is done by holding up a spoon or some polished surface to a player's ...

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