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56. Soap-bubble Contest
(Kids Games/Kids Games)

Provide each child with a clay pipe and prepare two basins of soap suds for the game. If a little glycerine is put in the water, the bubbles will last longer. Divide the company into two sides, an even number in each. Stretch a cord or rope at a medi...

57. Chase The Rabbit
(Kids Games/Kids Games)

All the children kneel on the floor in a ring with hands on each other's shoulders. One is chosen to be the "rabbit" and runs around outside the ring and touches one of the players, who is to chase him to his "hole." The minut...

58. Animal Show
(Kids Games/Kids Games)

An amusing game for children is one in which each child is to make some sort of animal out of vegetables or fruit, and toothpicks. When all the children have arrived, pass around slips of paper containing a number and the name of some animal. Each on...

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